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Snt. Yuriy Parish of Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church welcomes you to Poltava!  
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Saint Martyr Yury Parish of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Poltava welcomes you!


Visit Ukraine in least expensive way, make a spiritual tour to Kyiv, Kaniv, Poltava, Kharkiv, read more of our Pilgrim projectThere is a small chapel, built just before WWI after a visit of tsar Mykola II in 1909, in the city of Poltava, Ukraine. It's located between the Kyivan railway station and the Military Institute of Communication, Zinkivska str. 16, where is an Altar part of the temporal house of God in, and in 1998 a pavillion was added to, its area is 100 sq.m (1080 sq. feet) or so. There is enough space there for regular divine services and only during Easter and Epiphany the church is overflowed with believers, and then people gather around the temple.

They tell us often: see, you disfigured the memorial of local history with the pavillion, but the annex hurt the chapel in no way, for it is completely separate temporal building, and it was planned to dismantle immediately after getting ready the first part of future St. Martyr Yury’s temple. Terms depend on both our parish and local authorities, too: getting a permission from Poltava local authorities to begin construction took several years.

If you are interested in history of our parish in Poltava and UAOC generally, click here, please: “STORY, LINKS".

We have to accept, alas, there are very few natural Ukrainian things over here, in spite of they call Poltava habitually as a center of forming Ukrainian culture, literary and language or just a "spiritual capital of Ukraine". And the few rest things are often cartoon-like, pseudo-folk, "Little Russian", khohol-toupee, have provincially-derogatory sense and remind not of ancient times but of Malorosses (little-Russians) of infamous for Ukraine tsar times or the artificial USSR, “Radyanska Ukraine”. We hope, our parish is one of few places in Poltava where real Ukrainian spirituality is cherished, moreover it is done not by any state post-Soviet system, and exceptionally by ordinary citizens of Poltava, without least support of authorities or money-bags. If you have chance and wish to see it with one's own eyes and ascertain this, welcome to visit our divine service starting

EVENING: on fridays, saturdays and on the eve holy days 16: 00,

DAILY: on saturdays, sundays and holy days 10: 00.

You can drop to our Pilgrim site, where we tell how to visit Ukraine in least expensive way and have a spiritual journey.

And, at last, dear brothers and sisters, if you want to take part in very actual discussion "Estimate of Our Chances to Obtain Salvation", welcome!

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!


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